The Vision

Lost in the shuffle of todays’ changing healthcare marketplace stands the independent physician and their patients. Though this segment is one of the most important links in the health care delivery chain it is the most underserved. Neighborhood Health Group wants to change that dynamic by providing professional and technical resources to support the physician-patient relationship at a grass roots level.


NHG offers a scaled approach to accomplish this vision. The building blocks are service clusters formed within local communities. These clusters are developed from within existing physician organizations or newly formed depending on the service area. Each cluster is tailored to the needs of the patient and can include physicians, physician extenders, care coordinators, public care agencies, interpreters, patient educators, hospitals, diagnostic facilities and home health agencies. After a service cluster is formed in a particular neighborhood or community, it is linked internally and externally with other clusters using shared technology.


Care quality, patient satisfaction, access to care and reduced care costs are the outcomes of an NHG cluster. This leads to better care for the individual and the community as a whole while providing greater opportunity for the independent physician to find a niche in a marketplace.