Products & Services

NHG products and services are designed to support the independent physician and their patients within the context of the evolving evidence-based, clinically integrated marketplace.

For the Independent Physician

Group Contract and Care Network Plug-Ins

NHG provides the opportunity to be part of group contracts once thought unobtainable for the independent physician. These contracts include HMO risk, PPO shared savings, Medicare Risk and Medicaid Risk. As part of an NHG cluster, the physician also has access to other quality providers and facilities within the network that maintain higher care and patient access standards.

Clinical Measure Performance Measurement and Education

To support the clinical and shared savings contracts NHG uses tools that extract relevant data from a physician’s EMR and plugs it into a reporting system. Though not ideal, physicians without an EMR can still participate in the Performance Feedback service and related contracts, as the clinical tool allows for manual data input. The system calculates physician and group performance for pertinent measures such as HEDIS®, IMCP and the BCBS of Illinois Network providing feedback reports to the user. Our Clinical Education Team, which is staffed with knowledgeable physicians and administrators, regularly reviews the results and related data offering possible steps for improvement.

Revenue Cycle Management

NHG provides services to help the physician correctly assess their billing and payment rate offering suggestions for changes that increase per patient revenue and comply with PQRS and other regulatory requirements.


Data Extraction and Clearinghouse Services

NHG provides physicians with data extraction and storage services bypassing the additional fees charged by many EMR companies for the same service. The extracted data is translated and securely stored. When required, the data is extracted on behalf of the NHG physician or network in standard industry formats and sent to local, regional, and national Health Information Exchanges.

Care Management and Patient Activation Services

NHG provides patient engagement support to the physician. Our Care Managers educate the patient on how to navigating within the healthcare cluster and assist the patient in obtaining the required referred services. Closely aligned with our Care Management process is what we call our Patient Activation Service. This service segments the patient population developing specific triggers and identifying preferred means of communication for each patient making the outreach and contact process more efficient.

Ancillary Service Contractors

NHG provides a list of contractors willing to provide additional testing equipment and related services that allow the physician additional professional billing revenue.

For the Patient

Disease Management Education and Wellness Services

Patients have the opportunity to be engaged at both a personal and group level in education that helps them to learn about their health needs and aspects of living that help control the impact of a given disease. Patients can also attend clinics that provide them with a variety of services traditionally stretched out into multiple physician visits at multiple sites at single time and location. NHG education sessions can be accredited with employer groups and municipalities enacting point systems to engage employees to improve their health.

Business Cooperatives

In partnership with local businesses, NHG offers discounts on health and fitness products and on-site education to learn about food nutrition and good cooking-eating habits.

At Home Service

Besides the traditional home health function, NHG offers patients at home nutritional education with safety and food content assessment.

Health Tracking Tools

Patient s with NHG physicians can find easy access to their medical information through the patient portal which also allows them to track and view their diet, vitals, blood pressure, sugar levels immunizations and other health data.